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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Releasing New Shawl @vrhijab_

Hi Assalammualaikum

Assalammualaikum. Good morning. Spread the love ya’all. Nak update postage. Posto posto. Alhamdulillah ramai yg sokong @vrhijab_ . Tak sampai setahun menapak. Baru 10 bulan. Hehe J syukur syukur. Preparing the scarves! Yes these awesome scarves are stitched with our labels and are ticked in our quality ziplock plastic case. Pls recycle the plastic, boleh pakai in the future kan like nak smpn the scarves when travelling or nak store anything 

Done releasing the chiffon wide shawl. Come and grab yours now girls. Whats not to love about this premium scarves of ours ? J

So what no more! Whatsapp us at 011-21203431 . Only Rm 15 a piece for a scarf with this kind of quality. It’ll worth every penny, trust me. To see more available scarves go to our page @vrhijab_ .

These are among of our best sellers that we’d just restocked. If you want to grab your hand on these scarves, you better do it fast before they’re gone again. J

For those who love floral, how classy can these scarves yet ? The material is superb, not ordinary chiffon. Visit our cataloque page @vrhijabscarves to view individual photos of these scarves and to browse for more !

Many more is requesting for message dedication for their loved ones! Make a suprise or give a present to your loved ones or anyone to put a smile on their face! Just tell us which scarves you want to order for them a long their details & message and we’ll send it to them. The service is FREE 

Postage buat mase sekarang only Monday. Thursday . Friday OR Saturday. Tapi InshaALLAH bile kami da FULL TIME business. Postage will be everyday. InshaAllah soon. 100% in business. Thank you Allah for this ;)

Harga Rm15/pcs only
- Wide Shawl borong
- Wide shawl murah
-Wide Shawl Terkini



  1. hanaaa, taknak cr dropship keeeee? :)

  2. Salam singgah sini dik...cantiknya...

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