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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

its all about her, KHAYLA NUR AISYAH


My view . Alhamdulillah, I safely delivered a beautiful and healthy baby girl, the most precious gift that Allah could grant me, with 3.55 kg birth weight on 19/08/2016, 8.32 pm at Hospital Ampang . thank you ALLAH and Thank you everyone for your duas and wishes. ALLAH bless us all.

Having a child can be the most transformative experience of a person’s life. You get so used to living your life a certain way. Focused solely on your job, your social life, your personal goals and then just like that , it all changes. That’s what happened to me when my daughter was born. Until that moment, I never in a million years though I could love anything almost as much as myself.

In an istant, I went from caring about myself to caring about myself and also one other person. All but one of my priorities went right out the window. And that shift was permanent. My daughter has been an additional consideration in my life ever since, and I know in my heart that’s never going to change.

After my husband and me, its all about her. My precious little KHAYLA NUR AISYAH .  

Thanks singgah,


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