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Friday, August 31, 2012



What do you do when your are stressed up or unhappy? Well, for me a little would turned out happy much. Just do something you wanted or wish to do , but no time to do usually. Actually you know that "no time" is a plain excuse, it's the matter of willingness to treat yourself good.

Get out the house and get some fresh air before you gone crazy. Seriously, I am not a home person. I don't like staying at home. I would go out whenever there's a chance for me to do so. I need time on my own when I don't feel like sharing anything to anyone. Sometimes, I also wish to hang out with friends just so I feel the importance of my existence.I wouldn't called myself a shopaholic but I love spending. Spending makes me feel pampered.

I believe a little purchased could change the negative emotion to positive one for the day. I love to go to the beach although I can't swim. Just listen to the sound of sea, makes me feel so peace and comfort. It's like I could get a warm hug from the sea and telling how I feel for the past. oh! nevermind. today, I don't know where I want to go so I decided to go to PUTRAJAYA .

There is some images . Today outfit :  shirt in length, PDI polkadot shirt, blue scarf 2 tone, Vincci wedges with brown bag. Same with my luvely friend : PDI polkadot shirt with white T-Shirt and light brown pants with leather shoes . 

Hannah Sytieh, Muuaaahhhhx! 

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