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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Rindu zaman student ...


What I miss the most...

I miss my student's life when I was still studying in the peneng, poly. I miss the smell of my rumah sewa, tilam busuk, my study desk yg selalu hana dok deko macam2.. letak love la. Bintang la.. tepek bunga la. Lepastu study kat meja tu sambil dengar lagu and buka lattop.. buka lattop pasang lagu.. lepastu nyanyi kuat2x.. pastu sambung study pastu nyanyi balik... I miss to wake up in the morning and get ready to class. Suka bangun pagi solat pastu tido balik. Pastu tengok2 da lambat nak pergi kelas. Kelam kabut cari baju kurung nak gosok lg, make up lagi, nak belit tudung lg..(sbb time ni baru nak berjinak2 pakai selendang, kalau tak I pakai tudung bawal je.. pin bawah dagu lepastu flip kiri kanan .. settle) fiuhh.. I miss packing my files, listening to the lectures, playing my phone in the class, sit for exams, quizzes, doing presentations etc etc.

I miss my friends. We were so close in the poly and suddenly we all just separated. They are everywhere now. Rarely to meet each other, only once in a blue moon. It is difficult to gather everyone together in one place at one time. And it has been more than three years now. This is quite hard for me to adapt, to accept or probably to let go. We used to hang out almost 6 days in a week. Not once we havent met each other. Studied together in the library before exams coming, had lunch and dinner together, did the stupid things together, we were always there together. Not anymore.

But I know one thing, deep in our hearts, we do miss each other. We wish we were closed like before. We wish to have hang out like before, sometimes we wish to have stayed together in one house. Whenever you are friends, we still have each other. Aziemah, mamie, t’hah, nadiah rostam, atikah, naemmah.. love korang yg gile2 time poly..

Tak lupa bila keluar dengan mekonie pergi karoeke.. haha~ shes the one yg suka menyanyi bila karoeke.. me not... and teringat lgi die dok ngenyih2 ngn bilik org sebelah.. haha~ dia sangat la nakal2 comel dulu. Tapi sekrg makin dewasa makin berubahh.. and makin matang.. behheee.. I love you la mekonie... even dulu tak duduk satu rumah. Tapi satu class and stayed together time practical kat pentex... semua masalah about my husband curah kat dia. Thatsy tibe2 boleh rapat kot.. haha~ love la syg..



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    1. hehe, bertabahla nanad... kikiki... tetibe bertabahlah plk


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