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Friday, February 6, 2015

Malaysian Drivers

What do I hate about Malaysian drivers?

1. Changing lanes without indication. Yes, I know you are changing lanes because I can literally read your mind.

2. Spit on the road while driving! Or sometimes, the passenger. I can see you man, I am beside you waiting for the green lights, can you please stop doing stupid thing? It is really disgusting. Just stop.

3. Driving too slow on the fast lane. Since when 60km/h is the new speed on the fast lane? Fast lane is for 80km/h and above. And don't you feel guilty driving too slow on the fast lane? If I were you, I'd feel guilty, I'd rather driving in the middle lane or slow lane. That is the whole idea of these three lanes were created right?

4. Cut the line. No no no, this is just wrong. We all want to reach to our destination fast, so be patience dude. We feel you too, but apparently you're to selfish to feel us too.

What a bummer some drivers nowadays. My husband always stressed on the road. Life.

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