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Friday, April 10, 2015

Kedekut bersedekah...


Haritu I ade pergi melaka with my husband utk interview... Interview tu habes pukul 9 .. cepat je... then ada masa lagi la untuk jalan2 makan angin... wehhhhuu~

Sebelum jalan2 makan angin better penuhkan perut dulu...  Sedap asam pedas melaka. Terbaik.. I loike... terasa lapar pulak taip pasal asam pedas kat sini. Hahaha...

After makan ada seorang pakcik datang.. Dia jual ikan masin... 4 packet rm10 je... Sayu hatini tengok pakcik tu.. Ingat nak je bagi rm10 tu tapi tak perlu la bg ikan masin 4 paket tu... Time tu aku tak ada duit kecik. Rm10 , rm5 pun xde.. Husband pun tak ada.. masing2 baru keluarkan duit dari ATM.. ... Ada seorang abg kat depan aku ignore je pakcik tu sambil menjeling tak payah tak payah. Allah.. hati aku dah sayu kot... Macam mana la hati abg ni keras sangat... Sedekah tu punca rezeki kita...

Takpela aku pecahkan duit dulu... Lepastu aku kejar pakcik tu balik... Kalau aku ada duit lebih inshaAllah aku bg lebih... Ni cerita aku. Bukan nak berlagak baik. Tapi aku tak suka cara abg td tu...

Sharing an article I read from a blog. This is a lil muhasabah diri.

I met a friend yesterday who went to Manek Urai in Kelantan as a volunteer. He met an old nenek who lives in a Pondok. She alone takes care of 9 young kids. Four are her grandchildrens, and the remaining fives are orphans.

Everyone else put out their home furnitures and wtv outside their house to dry but this lil pondok surrounding areas were empty. They apparently did not have any furnitures to begin with.

That is just a piece from many stories. Most of those who are badly affected are the ones who are less fortunate. Ran out of the house at 4am carrying almost nothing to the nearest hill, and by 7am they can't even see their house's roof.

I cried thinking about that story, esp when all I think about thinking are new handbags.

Being a typical girl, whenever I have extras the first thing in my mind would be, uuuuu new handbaggggg. Sometimes I forget that the things I want to wear on my hand could also mean many other things for the less fortunate.

What is sadaqah? Giving the extras of what we have or give them extras from what we have? I don't know, I am no saint but I really truly respect the people who are willing to give everything they have to help other people. Doa hati kita lebih kuat menghadapi segala dugaan dunia kay girls :')

Love, see you in next post,
Hannah Sytieh

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