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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

25 August 2013

Hi, Assalammualaikum

25 August 2013, Sunday - Happy besday to you, Happy besday to you, Happy besday, Happy Besday, Happy Besday to you…

Wish for you : Semoga happy selalu and dapat kejar cita-cita yang selalu diidam-idamkan. Be matured, sayang mak ayah selalu and balas pengorbanan dia org. Jadi orang berguna untuk diri sediri, family and negare.

25 August 2013, PUSASDA, 10 – 12 am

Saying goodbye was the hardest thing to do, never thought I would, especially to you. I’ll definitely miss you very warm hugs & kisses, and course, all those times we had spent together.

Keep all your worries away okieh. I’ll take care of myself, mak & abah well, InsyaAllah. May Allah be with you at every step you take, and at every decision you make. You are my all time fovourite bestfriend.

Akan rindu gadoh, gelak, tawa, gurau, tumbuk, tendang and semua-semua…

Tanx Reading
Regards, HannahSytieh

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