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Sunday, February 23, 2014

5 Tips Penjagaan Kulit . Jum Bace .....


Hi, everybody… wehhhuu… Nak update entry tips penjagaan kulit… Hehh.. segan pulak nak update kan. Padahal kulit takde la lawa mane. Tapi takde la teruk sangat.

Tapi takpe, sharing is caring… I u’olsss kalau nak tau jeles sangat tengok kulit orang korea lam TV tu… Dalam hati dok cakap “ala, die orang tu just plastic surgery je”. Tapi takkan semua sekali kot kan yg berpalstic surgery…. Huh!

 Ok la, jum sambung…

Makeup. Oh Makeup. The less, the better. Kalau nak tau aku ni suke makeup yang natural. Personally like a clean natural look, at least on a daily basis. My routine consists of five items : moisturizer, compact powder, eye liner, pinky eye shadow and lip balm/lipstick.

I have recently started using Arab Kokuryu Compact Powder and I love it! A little goes a long way. For eye liner, my ultimate favorite is silky girl gel eye liner or Maybelline jenis liquid…. A little on the pricier side but lasts a while. I wear it almost everyday and it lasted me about a year and half. Kalau nak pakai Mascara, I recently switched to Maybeline's lots of lashes and I love it!  My favorite is They're Real by Benefit but breaks my bank a little bit. So for now Maybeline does it for me! Lastly for lipstick, I go with a pink-nudish color, closest to my natural lip color just to rid of the dull look. 

Here are some other tips for healthy and good looking skin that I personally use :

1.      Always take off all makeup before going to sleep. 
2.    Go Bare! Once or twice a week, do not wear makeup at all. Your skin needs to breath. 
3.       Avoid Oily Foods. This causes acne, flaky skin and clogs pores.  
4.    Fruits, Contents like water, antioxidants and vitamins are amazing for natural, glowing skin.
5.       Drink Water, pls  try to drink as much as possible.  

Hope this is helpful to you! Prevent you face pls and really just eating healthy. Try this and let me know how it works. What other skin care techniques works for you? Pls share plsss

Gambar semua dari sini , promote jap (haha) :

Thanks Reading,
Hannah Sytieh

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  1. Suka tgok orang yg mukanya cantik tp tak pakai mekap tebal. Saya ni kurang rajin jaga muka (hihihi...). Bila dpt produk yg senang nk digunakan dan berkesan, saya guna je la. Bila rasa mcm bagus utk kulit sendiri, promote kt kawan2 dan org lain plk ;)


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