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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Blogbuster - Oral B Supernova 3

Hi Assalammualaikum

Aku dapat 1 blogbuster from nuffnang. Huwaa. First time dapat meh.. So, blurr sikit. Ape kebende nye ni. Takpe tanye Mek Onie dulu.

Rupe-rupenye kene buat video. Wakakkaa… Video ? Memang segan and malu la kan.

Ni description yg nuffnang suruh buat :

Blogbuster - Oral B Supernova 3


Here's a summary of what you need to do:

1. Record a short video (approx. 10 seconds) creatively based on the brief below in your own preferred language. Please note that video should not be a reproduction of client's materials (purely copy paste images) and should include your own recordings.

2. Upload your video in the space provided. You may upload up to 5 videos.
3. If your video(s) is chosen for the campaign, it will be shown on the ad displayed on your blog. Kindly note that if your video(s) is not chosen, the ad will not show up on your blog.
4. Please note that approved videos will be compressed and a 5-sec branding clip will be added to the end of your video.

You will earn: 

RM0.50 for each complete play of the video that is shown on your ad unit (this rate applies to Glitterati members only). Boleh tahan harge die letak. Membe2 dapat beratus2 kalau die org buat video ni… Huwaa, bestnye… Sape nak bagi kan…

Ok, la…  Sebenarnye dah try buat. Tapi tergelak gelak.. Huhuhu.. Kelakar la.. Mcm cover2 pun ade.. Maafkan saye… Pape pun submit je ar. Pihak nuffnang terima ke tak terima itu naseb kite… Janji usaha tu ade. Ye tak ?

So, sape yg take part dlm blogbuster ni , aku wish GOOD LUCK .. Semoga Berjaya… 

Thanks atas mase korang singgah ke blog ni. Klau video approve, jgn lupe play, pstu jgn kutuk. Haha!

Thanks Reading,
Regards, Hana

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