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Monday, September 30, 2013

REVIEW 5 : Style Inspiration with Blazer :)

Hi, Assalammualaikum.

Ape kate kite share pasal beberapa fashion dalam ruang blog ni. Aha~ even aku ni bukan fashionista. Tapi aku tetap minat ngn semua style kat luar sane tu.. Bile rase nak simple, kite simple. Bile rase nak melilit-lilit, kite main lilit. Bile rase nak berladies jum kite pakai skirt. Tapi sekrg ni just nak update pasal blazer je. Mix and match. Confirm superb. Here are some pieces Blazer Style that you can find for yourself .

Blazer ni sentiasa menjadi trend. That has been around for a few years now and is not going away! It just keeps transforming with the new styles and textures. When wearing any of the above statement blazers its best to pair it with all black or neutrals. You want it to pop and if you're wearing too many colors it'll take attention away from this piece. I love to style with one of these below!

When styling a statement blazer like this, always remember to make everything else simple with neutrals. The blazer should pop and be the center of the whole outfit. For a little edge, add some studded or spiked flats. This outfit can definitely be worn at a work holiday party showing some style and class. 

Kalau pergi kerja pun aku lebih suke berT-shirt and then pakai blazer but with jeans of course. Sangat-sangat selesa and simple. But still can look nice.. Aku jenis yg suke bergerak sane sini. So, t-shirt and jeans memg jadi pilihan. Tapi kena pakai something yg tak nampak terlampau simple. So, jawapan die blazer kawan J  

Tapi mesti korunk rase pakai blazer ni panas kan. Tapi sebenarnye tak pun. Sebab kat shopping banyak yang sediakan kain yang tak terlampau tebal or nipis untuk cuaca kite kat Malaysia ni. Lagi-lagi kat times square. Memang rambang mate I told u.. Huhu~

Pergi office pakai mcm ni pun da smart kan. Casual but smart.

Jangan lupe mix and match dengan aksesori and shoes. But fyi, I cannot get enough of these!! So cute and comfortable. Can be found in every color and variety of prints. They're especially best for work or college. I think I'm going to invest in a pair of black ones as well, just cause a girl should have every item in black!

See, hijabis can still be fashionable while maintaining modesty. Ni ambil dari pic facebook kak eila .. Credit to her :) Die still nmpak cantik n gorgeous even dah berkahwin. #Adore 

I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I'll enjoy posting:) Remember... Must not just dress modestly but behave modestly. 

Tanx Reading, 
Hannah Sytieh

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