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Saturday, May 25, 2013


Hi, hari ni just wanna share some pic yg ade lam ph aku.. Bekal g ofis. I just want to keeping myself fit and healthy. Losing weight ? Just part of it. Jum..

DAY 1 : Healthy eating planner. Vegetables and spghti with egg .

DAY 2 : Boil pasta and broccoli. Them aside. Panaskan pan with olive oil, potong dadu garlic and masukkan. Potong sosej bebola and so on then masukkan. Then toss together pasta and broccoli td. Add blackpepper, oregano and kicap masin. N for rase spicy sikit tambahkan serbuk cili yg kasar2 tu sedikit. Gaul2 n siap.. No salt~

DAY 3 : Spghti again. Grilled chicken and potong kck2 masukkan lam spghti. Masukkan broccoli. Dress it up with olive oil, garlic powder, oregano salsa and blackpepper. Letak sikit daun parsley. Siap. No salt~

DAY 4 : The 10 best fitness foods for women

DAY 5 : Ready in 20minutes or less this from scratch hamburger helper is making me really happy. Tarra :)

DAY 6 : Sushi (how to spell ? haha) ... Just love this even tak berape nak jadi, or memang tak jadi pun. haha.. 

Just love watermelon juice.. No sugar.

 What we eat can be even more powerful than what we do in gym. Don't blow your workouts on poor diet. Smile :)

Tanx reading,
Xoxo, Hannahsytieh


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